Goal Action Reports

Action Items for Goals 1-8
1A Monitor Bear Lake – Ecoli testing
1B Monitor Bear Creek – Ecoli testing
          1A 1B 3.20.14              2014 Bear Lake Ecoli Report           2013 Ecoli Report    2013 Health Dept Report

2A Bear Lake Storm Drain System 
        2A 10.17.14        Project Scope of Work      Storm Drain BLPOA Reports      Storm Drain Map

2C Monitor Bear Lake – Nutrients
          2C 3.21.14       April 2013 BL Eutrophication Indices website: http://www.micorps.net/lakeoverview.html

2E Insert Woody Cover as Shade for Fish Habitat
2F Shoreline Bank Stability
2G Minimize Barriers to Fish Migration
        Bear Creek Nature Trail      Bear Creek - Sites      Bear Creek LWD Fish Cover       Bear Creek-BJ Fact Sheet

3B Bear Lake Contingency Roadway Spill Plan

4A Control Eurasianwater Milfoil
         4A 1.14.14      website: www.bearlakeimprovement.org      History of Lake Improvement Board
         2013 LIB Results Summary

4B Limit Spread of Invasive Species Like Phragmites 

4C Control Unintentional Introduction of Invasive Species 
         4C 3.21.14 - Boat Launching Station
         4C 5.17.14 - Student Education

6A Encourage Economic Development – Lakes to Land

6E Coordinate Watershed Planning

7A Establish Infrastructure For Greater Bear Watershed

7B Establish Philanthropic Giving Plan
       7B 3.21.14

8A Annual Assessment of Progress