Action Reports

Kayak PhotosAll activity to implement recommended action itelms and tasks in the Greater Bear Management Plan is reported in this section.

Each report that will be posted to this section builds on itself chronologically.  The first dated report stands alone.  The second dated report is posted ahead of the first report.  The third dated report is posted ahead of the second which is posted ahead of the first report.  Viewers may choose to only see the most current information or they may want to view the entire history of action for each item.

In addition to the action report, other documents may be listed as reference information to gain a deeper understanding of the issues or statements in the report.

An example of an action item is:
Goal 1 – Pathogens Affecting Humans (bacteria levels in lakes and streams)
Action Item 1A – Monitor Bear Lake for bacteria on routine basis to assure residents and visitors that the state WQS for total body contact recreational activities is being met from May 31 – October 1 each year.

Exhibit 89 Action Items are listed on pages 140-152 for goals 1 through 8.
Exhibit 92 Information And Education Tasks are listed on pages 158-165 for all Information/Education Tasks.